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Home Automated Living, Inc.

CCTV, Access Control, Management Platform

Basic Profile

Country: United States

Tel: 1-301-498 6000

Fax: 1-301-498 4619

Address: 14401 Sweitzer Lane, Suite 600, Laurel, MD 20707 USA


Business Nature: Manufacturer

Contact Person: AutomatedLiving officer

Corporation in Brief

OEM/ODM experience : no

Company Introduction
Home Automated Living (HAL) is the international leader in voice controlled digital home and home office systems integration software. HAL integrates control of all the systems of the home and home office on the PC, including lights, devices, climate, telephone, security, home theatre and the Internet. HAL gives the user the ability to control these systems by voice from anywhere in the home or from anywhere on Earth. HAL has taken a leading edge role in automating the information entering the home via the Internet. The delivery of information in ways that make the Internet an increasingly useful and accessible feature of everyday life is a key focus of HAL's ongoing evolution.
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